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Soul Food (1995)Edit

Goodie Mob - Soul Food
Soul Food
  1. Free
  2. Thought Process (featuring André 3000)
  3. Red Dog (Skit)
  4. Dirty South (featuring Big Boi and Cool Breeze)
  5. Cell Therapy
  6. Sesame Street
  7. Guess Who
  8. Serenity Prayer (Skit)
  9. Fighting (featuring Joi)
  10. Blood (Skit)
  11. Live at the O.M.N.I.
  12. Goodie Bag
  13. Soul Food (featuring Sleepy Brown)
  14. Funeral (Skit)
  15. I Didn't Ask to Come
  16. Rico (Skit)
  17. The Coming (featuring Witchdoctor)
  18. Cee-Lo (Skit)
  19. The Day After (featuring Roni)

Still Standing (1998)Edit

Goodie Mob - Still Standing
Still Standing
  1. The Experience
  2. Black Ice (featuring OutKast)
  3. Fly Away
  4. The Damm (featuring Cool Breeze)
  5. They Don't Dance No Mo' (featuring Lil' Will)
  6. Beautiful Skin
  7. Gutta Butta
  8. Ghetto-ology (featuring Chiefton)
  9. Distant Wilderness
  10. Greeny Green (featuring Witchdoctor)
  11. I Refuse Limitation (featuring Backbone)
  12. See You When I See You
  13. Inshallah
  14. Just About Over
  15. Still Standing

World Party (1999)Edit

Goodie Mob - World Party
World Party
  1. Invitation To The World Party
  2. World Party
  3. Chain Swang
  4. Get Rich To This/Parking Lot (Break)
  5. The Dip
  6. All A's
  7. What It Ain't
  8. I.C.U.
  9. Rebuilding
  10. Just Do It/Poochie (Break)
  11. Street Corner
  12. Cutty Buddy
  13. Fie Fie Delish
  14. Go Back (Break)

One Monkey Don't Stop No Show (2004)Edit

Goodie Mob - One Monkey Don't Stop No Show
One Monkey Don't Stop No Show
  1. Synopsis
  2. God I Wanna Live
  3. 123 Goodie
  4. Shawty Wanna Be a Gangsta
  5. In da Streets
  6. One Monkey
  7. Dead Homies
  8. Grindin'
  9. Goodiadvice
  10. We Back
  11. Ain't Nothing for Us
  12. High & Low
  13. What You See
  14. Play Your Flutes

Age Against the Machine (2013)Edit

Goodie Mob - Age Against the Machine
Age Against the Machine
  1. U Don't Know What You Got (Intro)
  2. State of the Art (Radio Killa)
  3. Power
  4. Silence... The New Hate (Interlude)
  5. I'm Set
  6. Valleujah
  7. Pinstripes
  8. Special Education
  9. Ghost of Gloria Goodchild
  10. Kolors
  11. Come as You Are
  12. Nexperiance
  13. The Both of Me
  14. Balls (Interlude)
  15. Amy
  16. Understanding
  17. Uncle Red's Interlude
  18. Father Time

Songs On Compilations & SoundtracksEdit

Other SongsEdit

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  1. Black Ice (Goodie Mob Version)
  2. Decisions, Decisions
  3. Fight To Win
  4. Git Up, Git Out
  5. Good Nigga
  6. Hold On
  7. In Due Time
  8. Just A Song
  9. Sexual Chocolate
  10. Soul Food (Remix)
  11. The Don't Dance No Mo'
  12. The World I Know (Country Livin' Version)
  13. The World I Know
  14. Where We Wanna

Group MembersEdit

Related ArtistsEdit

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