Good Riddance:Weight Of The World Lyrics

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Weight Of The World

This song is by Good Riddance and appears on the album A Comprehensive Guide to Moderne Rebellion (1996).

And what about the time you did your best to assuage my troubled soul
What happened to me what happened to you what was it that you said would
see us through

I want to know how to feel something real
and I will try no more to run
all this pressure getting closer
and it seems like
I've been here before

Time on my hands
weight of the world
laid bare my soul
as I lose control

Run away
you can retrace those steps and find your way once more
I'll wait
believe in yourself as the cruel world closes in
take my hand
I'll be a friend for you this weight you bare alone
one day
the light i know will illuminate your heart

time on my hands
weight of the world
laid on my soul
as I lose control