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This song is by Good Riddance and appears on the album Capricorn One (2010).


So here I stand,
alone by the side of the road.
And I'm reaching for someone to hold,
something to cling to.
I close my eyes,
shove my hands in my pockets and smile,
and the darkness drifts away,
I'm at peace only once in awhile.

You don't understand,
there's nothing to say,
when everything seems lost,
you can bet, they'll somehow find a way.


Well, I'm feeling hurt,
and I've fought back the tears of my own,
but there's something to be said for
the ones who face the darkness alone.
You're too cool to care,
to self righteous to see and believe.
It's a bond we'll never break,
a chance for one more change of heart.

[chorus] x1


Did you ever think about the words of time?
Do you have the strength to shout it?
Ready or not, so
I never thought I'd be the one complaining,
but I can't believe it's been inside me all this time.
So, here I stand.

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