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This song is by Good Riddance and appears on the album A Comprehensive Guide to Moderne Rebellion (1996).

When it's time to start working to reconstruct
A life programmed to self-destruct
When it's time to set your sights on something better
When all that you've known
Is the emptiness of being alone
When friends start drifting away

It's better to let go
It only hurts to hold on to time worn memories
It's never what is seems
It only serves to break your will

I had a dream last night
That you and I got in a fight
I never meant to hurt you
But I guess it ended up that way
We went our separate ways
And I stayed mad for six whole days
That's when I realized when I'm alone
I'm in bad company

I want to help you
But you've got to want to help yourself
I don't want to bury another friend
I take it day by day and watch the people I love just fade away
Where's the good in this?
Whatever happened to you?

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