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Positive Hardcore

This song is by Good Clean Fun and appears on the album Between Christian Rock And A Hard Place (2006).

Danny's on the drumset, Justin's on the bass
Kelly's got the rhythm, while Aaron shreds the place
Issa's writing songs again he's screaming them all night
For a positive solution, together they will fight

People of the world today, are we looking for a better way of life?
People of the world unite, lets make a difference we can get it right

We are a positive hardcore band
We are ready to take a stand
We know the futures in all our hands
We are a positive hardcore band

We went around the globe, we crossed the equator
We didn't come back home again until almost 3 years later
We made a lot of new friends, we had a lot of fun
You think this story's over but its only just begun

Animal Rights!
Drug Free!
Positive hardcore!