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Salute To The 88 Spokes

This song is by Gonzoe and appears on the album If I Live And Nothing Happens (1998).

[Gonzoe] (talking)
Hahahahaha... (ooh) you fuckin' bitch
Yes, come on bounce to this (you talk too mother fuckin' much bitch, we don't like...)

Yeah yeah yeah
Salute to the 88 spokes on the coupe
Wide open, axle broken
Fly down to the spot
Cause my shit too hot
Like what, why not have kass
Live life to the fullest
Escape bullets, nigga
It's still rubble
How things look like kings
Just 'cause I love it
I can't give it up
The ass is on the sluts
It's enormous (come on)
I pass on nothin' (what)
Smash on niggaz for nothin'
It's ritzy
Smoke one blaze down to fifty
Every bomb cock wanna get with me
And ya nigga can't stand me
Cause a nigga all up in your pretty panties
Whatever... (whatever)

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