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The Girl Ain't Ready

This song is by gONNA gET gOT.

Well I was chillin' on the corner, New York City lookin'
Like the daughter of Gsa Gsa Gabor and the Fantastic Four
Mixed with
Melle Mel,
So what the hell, got my aim on her and its steady
(But the Girl
Ain't Ready)
So ima touchdown, bust a noun, kiss a cop and love a clown
Take a bus that's city-bound to where my little kitty found
Runnin' sweaty for
My betty but I'm ready with the red ro-oh-se
(But the Girl ain't Ready, No)
So I sit back, chit-chat, lip-smack, whip-crack
Life's a bitch but man oh what
An ass, I wanna hit that!
Tryin' to think of something kinda smart because
She's sharp like a machete
(But the Girl ain't Ready)
Aww but like the rent I
Spent I need it,
Like the blood I bled, I bleed it
Undercover try to beat
But I'm hungry gotta feed it
Aw her scent I'm meant to breathe it in like it
Was air...
She call's me back once I'm back to the lair, Yeah

So now I'm
Walkin', talking, stalkin in my big black boots,
A-just-a lookin' for a little
Time to ditch my boo
Because she's hell menustratin
So I'm self
Just a hell-raisin, havin' a ball
And so I do the diddy-bop into the
City hop a train
I got some smoke up on my brain
I got some coke I got some
An I'm wondrin as I'm cussin while I'm rushin like I'm Mario
(When the Girl Ain't Ready)
An as I pass by a sun that's lookin' like
A plum
Hit by a shotgun blast, I'm getting lost in the past
An I'm coughin and
Gaspin cause there's no time for me
And as I fall to the ground, I'm crawlin
I'm all in the sound and all that I've found, is fallin' I'm bound
Pound and pound
Until I'm found face down drowned in the mall
But back to life
When I hear that girl call... awww

So now I think the babysitter just
A little bit o' bitter
'Cause I put her glitter in the kitty litter, I'm a
Kitty bit her, then he hit her
Said, "I'm so sorry tho
I gotta meet P.
Diddy in the city, quickly an so
Now I'm stuck in traffic, on acid
Bound to blow up like a matchstick
Damn I need some crack, quick
I had it...
Back it, into the Kinko's
Back flippin through the window then IM
Ready to go
Into the bars, Mars, streets, Spain
Stars, sky, sleet, rain
Don't give a motherfucking fuck
I need your sweet pain, but ya keep
"Wait, well I been waitin so damn long
An I even wrote ya yer very
Own song, it go
Mad for you
No matter what you don't, wont, do
I'm mad for
Aawww but there ain't no song I can sing that'll make you care
Call my name
An you know that I'll be...
Where? There! Where? There! Goddamn everywhere! Yeah

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