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I'm Tryin

This song is by gONNA gET gOT.

They call me, Triple Jigga spit rhymes with vigor
And pull dime
Chicks like a trigger
Get pulled by (scratched) servicemen on Iraqi Civilians
Or by
LAPD on black street children
But fuck the LAPD let's get back to the subject
It's me
Trip g!
I'ma tell ya little bit about myself since y'all
To my personal wealth by buying this here CD
But if you
Downloaded it STOP...
If ya paid... LET THE BEAT DROP!
And let's continue...
See? Ya give a little get a little
Now here's a little riddle
Who's the man
Who fell in love then watched all his hopes as they fell like a dove that got
Shot out the sky
By Dick Cheney, man that guy's a dick
But don't let me
Stray see I'm tryin' to stay upon the subject
Though I look forward to it like a
Drug test
See I realize that what you don't heal dies and what I feel lies
Deep down where I can't get to it
I'm empty, hollow, just bones flesh,
My hearts got a wall and I can't break through it (AWW)

See my brain
Pushed my pain down a long time ago
When I was a little boy watchin Barry
Feelin' joy and pain when he played Copacabana, yo
Now I feel nothing
Man... where did it go?
I don't know but I know I must go down below
To where
The pain lies and let the pain rise
'Cause when Satan dies is when I look into
His eyes and
My damn brain cries! UH

I'm Tryin' hard to define
What I'm tryin' hard to find
But I'm finding it hard cause' it's deep in my
And I'm sometimes scared of what I might see... UH YO
So I slide down
The vine of my mind
With the help of some weed and some wine tryin' to
What I'm tryin' to find but sometimes I just wanna (bang!)
And be
But then I think of all the people I love and in my mind's
The picture
Of their faces as they start to bury me... UH YO
So I go back to tryin' to find
What I'm tryin' hard to find
But I'm finding it hard 'cause it's deep in my
And I'm sometimes scared of what I might SEE SEE SEE

Think that you can email me and get up in my face?
Back off I need my
And I ain't talking 'bout no internet,
I'm talking bout my inner
Girl I told you, my motherfuckin innards' dead
Cause' every time I try
To express myself
I had to repress myself and so distress my health
When I was in Junior High
And the science teacher found my lyrics,
When the fear kicks... IN
Sin... was what I like to write about
Plus homeless
Drug addicts, bones, blood, slugs, maggots
Unleashing automatics into your
Until it looked like Bob Sagets'
I imagined a world with no law or
And thus no mental fences, just relentless, death sentences
As I
Unloaded glock after glock upon flock after flock of jock
My fear reaches into
Cheerleaders hearts
Leaving teachers buried under bleachers with broken
Images of burning flags, sperm in rags, German (scratched)
With their (scratched) in
Herman Munsters' ass
In short the typical stuff of Junior High
But my teacher
Saw it went "My oh my...
This is outrageous, we never heard a' this...
We have to
Get you right out to see a therapist
So that we can cure all of your
And I said, "Bitch you could blow this...
I'ma lean right in to
Your bad ear and say this shit
Loud and clear:

So girl
Don't cast me out I'm tryin'
Don't drag me down, I'm flyin...
Don't let me
Drown throw a line
I'm tryin' to get upstairs and find Zion
Not to go
Downstairs where I'd be fryin
Upstairs with Big and Pac to kick rhymes
You can get yours and I can get mine
And maybe find what we tryin' to find, but
Keep in mind...
There's only one person that I love
There's only one one person
That I love
No you can't know their name... Stay away
No you can't know their
Name... Stay away
Stay Away!

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