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Pretty Miss Titty

This song is by Gong and appears on the album Magick Brother (1970).

Pretty Miss Titty
She works in the city
Whiter than whiter
She gets up typewriter
Men catch up later
They don't love or hate her
They just masturbate her potatoe
Well big bad businessman
Have you any love

Old Mother Hubbard
Making tea in her cupboard
She drinks to her only
And feels rather lonely
Millie Molly Mad the maid
Lying weeping in the shade
She's been making it
With Old Father Time
Well big bad businessman
Have you any love

Look out you old money bags businessman
You gotta prove you're a millionaire
They search for your thoughts and
They measure your hair
They say its just a question
Of all the clothes you wear
Who knows you there

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