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Fohat Digs Holes In Space

This song is by Gong and appears on the album Camembert electrique (1971).

Well help me help me sing this song
I wanna stay living for much too long
Now I wanna ride this big brass gong
Where am I babe?
You don't know!

I gotta take pills to kill ma pain
To kill ma pleasure I blow ma brain
I get so high I fall down again
What's happenin' man?
You don't know!

I gotta drink booze to help me swing
Belladonna to help me sing
I gotta smoke grass to help me see
Who are you babe?
You don't know!

Well mirror, mirror on the wall
Who's the biggest fool of all
Hallucinating freedom calls
Wots freedom babe?
You don't know!

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