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You Never Came

This song is by Gomo.

I find myself alone,
Waiting for you,
But this time you won't come,
And I know,
You always go away,
When I wanna stay,
You always wanna go,
And I pray that you'll stay,
And I pray for today,
I find myself alone,
Grabbing the phone,
I'm waiting for your call,
But I know,
That you will never come,
Cause that is the way,
To hold me deep inside,
And I stay for today,
And I'll pray,
That you'll stay,
I'm sitting on the floor,
So I can watch you more,
Standing on the beach I feel the peace,
I'll never let you go,
I'll stay with you forever,
Still away from me,
I will never see you come,
It flies away from me and I'll never let you go.

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