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Can't Find You

This song is by Gomo.

I don't know you and you don't know me at all,
You just think that I am tallented and bold,
But you take a look at me and tell me what you see,
I am thin and I am old and still looking for my soul,
You know,
You know that I will never be that man,
Oh yeah,
Waste of time,
You know that you are the one for me,
I just wrote two songs about you,
Now you got to sing them back for me,
And I know that I am still to far away from all your dreams,
But I got to be the one,
Cause you got me for real,
And I feel bad when you leave me all alone and sad,
So I pray my love for you is gone,
But I love you still the same,
And I know that if someday you will find me with a stranger I will be misunderstood and you'll never be with me again,
I wanna tell you everything I know,
I wanna tell you that you're part of my show,
I wanna love you more than once in a day,
I wanna wash my feet at the bay,
So I smell,
What the hell,
I am tall and sweet,
I don't talk while I sleep and I bought you a ship,
I don't want to be lost,
I don't want to be found,
I just want to be with you,
I believe I have sined,
But I still have a dream,
That I want to share with you,
I am lost,
I am found,
I saw gsus around and I still wanna be with you,
I am losing a nail,
And I still wanna fail,
'Cause I want to be with you,
Can't find you next to me I know,
You don't have to tell me the reasons,
When I found you,
You were lost inside of me and I know,
But i,
Don't know if I should be the one,
Can't find you next to me and you,
Can't find me next to anyone.

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