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Bang In Your Face

This song is by Goldie Lookin Chain.

It was a Dark dark night and things didn't seem right
I was approached by an old man i thought he wanted a fight
He started asking me these questions i just didn't understand
When i looked closer at him he had his penis in his hand
I was sick i was repulsed i had to get away
I wasn't into this shit cause i knows i'm not gay
I started to run, i didn't know where to go
so i got down to the Westcountry and smoked loadsa blow

GLC, look out for the shopping Trolley Crew, you knows it, Nasty

Lookin back, I kept lookin back
He was creeping up an dressed all in black
With a trendy suit and a swanky hat
i knew he was a legend but he looked like a twat
Some say he's evil and he looks really dodge
but he's a legend and his names Frankie Large

Fuckin Respect to the GLC, knows your safe the fuckin lot of you...Even Onestep
Fuckin, safe as fuck

The name is Mystikal, you know the score
Keeping it large, smoking the draw
leave all the girlies begging for more
Hit the old man, He hit the floor
But he wasn't knocked out
He gave a shout and charged
like an underworld larger lout

Well my name is Mystikal so i speak in the style of the medievil Druid, Thankyou.

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