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Nothing To Prove

This song is by Goldfinger and appears on the album Goldfinger (1996).

Fly off the handle once again
And now it's too late
I hear the door slam shut
You're gone and now it's too late
I can still feel the sting
Of your hand across my face
Again the last thing that I wanted was to hurt you

Still I'm sitting alone again
I feel I'm writing the same thing again
And if I wanted to I can just shut up
Now I know that I've got nothing to prove to you
And still I'm fighting 'cause there's something to prove too

I hear your car drive in the lot
Its 3 this morning
I don't know how to feel
Or what to say how should I act

Where have you been
What could I do
Your drunk I'm sorry
Then we lay down I feel so dumb
I wish you'd kill me

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