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This song is by Goldfinger and appears on the album Open Your Eyes (2002).

I know you've told me this before
I know you've told me this a million times
You say you don't know how you feel
You don't know if you even love me anymore
If she was a good kisser
Then I'd know how much I miss her

January came
By April you have stayed
June I was in heaven
July was just the same
September rolled around
October wore a frown
By Christmas, we were through

I wish I didn't say I'm sorry
I wish you loved me still the same
I wish I wasn't such a wishy-washy prick
I wish I'd said just how I felt

If I was a good listener
Maybe you would still be here


I still miss the way we touched
I miss the way you'd bite my tounge
I miss the way you'd run away

You run away

January, February, March, April, May,
June through December I wish you would stay
I know you are leaving me

i know you told me this before
I know you told me this a millon times
you say you dont know how u feel
when will you know just how you feel