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Chris Cayton

This song is by Goldfinger and appears on the album Hang-Ups (1997).

You taught me how to play guitar
You told me that I'd go
Far just by trying
Yeah just by trying
When we were kids
Playing Social D
Spiritual man on LSD
We were frying
Yeah we were frying

Once in a while you'd fuck with me
No ground on my bass and it shocked me

Chris Cayton I called you Satan
'Cause when we were skating
You would make the metal sign

You got kicked out of school for wearing profanity
'Too drunk to fuck' said the Dead Kennedys
On your button your punk rock button
You were born in S.I.T.
Vegetarian man no BLT on your muffin
No turkey stuffing

Once and a while I'd surf with you
Our first band was called IMRU

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