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Who Do You Love

This song is by Golden Earring and appears on the album Love Sweat (1995) and on the album Naked Truth II (1997).

This song is a cover of "Who Do You Love" by Bo Diddley.
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Who Do You Love
I walk 47 miles of barbed-wire
Wear a cobra snake for a neck-tie
Got a brand new house built on a hill
Made out a rattle snake hide
It's got a great big chimney
Way up on the top
Made out of human skulls
So come on over here, cute little thing
And tell me, who do you love
A voodoo man, he took me by the hand
He said: woo baby, I can understand
Crushed a bone on a ju-ju
Stone rolled his eyes and he cast a spell
Tell me who do you love (3x), tell me yeah
The light was black and the night was blue
And down the alley I crept on through
A shot of a pistol, somebody screamed
You should'a heard just what I seen
Tell me who do you love
I got a tombstone head
And a graveyard mind
I'm just twenty-two and I ain't stole a dime
Got the eyes of a wolf, and a gator smile
I lived long enough, and I don't mind dyin'
Who do you love

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