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Latin Lightning

This song is by Golden Earring and appears on the album To The Hilt (1975).

Latin lightning strikes again
Wilder than a hurricane
He's counting on the dollars of you wealthy mothers
Look at that gigolo go
He's a devil - no pity - no shame
I'm gonna get his picture framed
When he takes the stage it's frightning
Latin lightnin'
Spinnin' a cyclone man alive - and - a - kicking
High heel machine gun rap arriba!
Faster, faster -
You'll be in a daze all night just watchin'
(Watch out for) Latin lightnin'
When Latin lightnin' falls in love
Everybody knows what he's dreamin' of
Casino's - chateaus - Havana cigars
Private jets and flashy cars
He's ruthless - the ladies claim
I'm - a - gonna get his picture framed

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