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Who Will I Be Tonight?

This song is by Gold Motel and appears on the album Summer House (2010).

I'm more inclined to place all my dimes
on somebody else's bet.
So who will I be when you don't want me?
Oh, who will I be tonight?
Who will I be tonight?

You cloud up your mind with old valentines.
And pin the girls on the wall.
In your dirty words, your memory slurs.
So which girl am I tonight?
Who will I be tonight?

You broke me once, you broke me twice.
I should take my own advice.
I'm holding my breath till there're stars in my eyes,
wondering who will I be tonight?
Who will I be tonight?

I lock up the door.
I can't take any more.
I'm boarding up our whole house.
I don't need the sun, if you give me none.
No, I don't need you tonight.
I don't need you tonight, tonight, tonight

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