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Fall Depression

This song is by Gold Kids and appears on the album The Sound Of Breaking Up (2008).

Open veins bloody beds
The same fucking ends
Meaningless texts all time
A few clouds in the sky

I'll wait on my knees
For the rain that never falls
You said we'll meet again
I'm just going nowhere

Broken dreams
Broken hearts
Street city lights
Made us fall apart
Don't lie to me again
Promise never kept

Empty words
For empty goals
Those miles away
Were catchy songs
Endless texts all time
A few clouds in the sky

Nothing moves on my face
Just tears and scars
We'll let the dark rule
But we won't sleep well though

Everything turns black
I see black, I feel it
This is black
I see it, I feel it

When lets go out
Means let's get sad
No dude, thanks
I'll stay in bed

Cagliari at night
Just a reason to die

Around this land
Always the sun shines
But we feel so cold inside
So fucking cold as life

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