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This song is by Goetia and appears on the album Wolfthorn (1999).

From the dark heart of forest
From the kingdom of wolf
Arrive times of vengeance
All human cities are to burn
Bloodcurdling screams
Sound heralding night

Rise to the darkness
Sons of pale moon
Strife out for power
Our victory is soon
Dead god is no more
And blackness will become
The era of Horus arrives with might

As winter clouds obscure the sky
Sign of Wolfthorn is growing in us

Our race has survived
Though fight was strong
But those who betrayed
Suffer as their god

Days of humiliation have already gone
Bless be courage - now and forever more

Well of life and knowledge
For ages left away
Now is spouting its essence
Over mountains of fate
On west sunsets
So gather and run

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