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Too Decomposed To Rape

This song is by Goemagot and appears on the album Eradication Of Insignificant Beings (2013).

Digging in the dirt
Frothing at the mouth I slurp
Drool cascading down with anticipation
Corpse for my toy
I'll burst with joy
Daydreams of maggots's crunch and bugs nibbling at me
Frantically trying to break open this casket and set my
Urges free
But in horror I stare at this poor sap
It's too decomposed to rape
My life is at stake!
The skull disintegrates
Carcass crumbles from my touch
A tear runs down my cheek
As I gaze up at the blue moon
I go home depressed and all alone
My urges on this day are postponed
Because it was too decomposed to rape