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Progressive Repression Of Cognition

This song is by Goemagot and appears on the album Eradication Of Insignificant Beings (2013).

Blinded by the barriers
Surrounding the mind
Impossible to escape
Impenetrable boundaries
Illusive forms of logic which are superior
We claim to have knowledge
When our egotism blinds
Theists and atheists
Are identical
Claiming that believing is ignorant is even more so
For physical proof is inconclusive
From objectivity
Humanity's fallibility proves science can be unproven
Flat worlds
Or the round Earth
Humanity's narcissism
At the center of the universe
Humanity's suicide by murder
Focusing on today
And leaving tomorrow behind
Pissing away resources we "borrow"
Shitting idiocy and we'll follow
Existing on an insignificant planet of apes

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