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Headless Prostitute Present

This song is by Goemagot and appears on the album Eradication Of Insignificant Beings (2013).

A night on the town
A chloroform rag she falls down and I drag
Her by the hair into an abandoned
Building downtown
Into a pungent
Filled with rats
And brown
Walls and stench of mold and dirt
I tie her arms and legs
To a pole and alert
Her of her location and last destination
She screams as I pound her with my fists
And begs for mercy as I grow more pissed
While my eyes glaze over and I black out
My thoughts
I begin pummeling her face and knocking
Out teeth to prevent a future smile
I shove my boot into her stomach and push
Hard and jam my fingers into her eye sockets
Squirting blood clench her small head with
My soiled grasp
Begin pulling towards me with ripping
Skin tearing and through them openings crying
Red liquid through them cracking bones I twist
Her head 360 degrees and remove with
A powerful yank
Her lifeless stump (headless) left to become
Putrid and rank
The cranium (left in) parent's mailbox to find
How their daughters has previously
Deceased in the mind
Is now additionally
Dead on the outside