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Beg For Extinction

This song is by Goemagot and appears on the album Eradication Of Insignificant Beings (2013).

Raining upon humanity in swarms
Creature's vast intelligence storms
Predictions are true
And they've come
It's been known this would happen
The extracting brain matter inception
Crushing the population as they beg for it
Praying for Gods and the explicit
Evolution and creationism
Bond in this moment
The beasts approach and decimate
For earth's kings of knowledge
Are mistakes
Could not have
Expected this opponent
"Why kill off something so great? our universe needs us to thrive... our brains."
The beasts extract and contain in a pile unarranged
The taste of the pink brings creatures disdain
And destruction
Our fallacies travesties because we're not meant to be
A sea of insignificance, ignorance with no remembrance
Gone in an instance by perchance circumstance