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Life Must Go On

This song is by Godsend and appears on the album In The Electric Mist (1995).

Light shines through the window
Down upon your bed
Looking in your eyes
Longing to be held
If I could embrace you
Together we would meld

Like in an etheral garden
Your room is filled with flowers
The beauty that I see
Makes me wish you were ours
A lonely sparrow sings your name
As your life slowly withers

My eyes filled with tears
As he calls your name
The sparrows gather 'round
To lead you to your domain

You are drifting away now
Slowly as I hold you
With an empty heart I wow
Never to forget you
My child

(Lyrics and Music: Gunder)
Tom: Rhythm guitar, melody lead
Per Morten: Lead vocals
Tommy: Bass, Handing sticks
Henrik: Drums
Gunder: Rhythm guitar, clean guitar
Dan Swanö: Backing vocals

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