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Album by Gods Paparazzi.
  1. I'm Here
  2. Oracle (featuring Dez Cleo)
  3. Alien In My Head
  4. Out Of Body
  5. She Died In The Desert On A Mushroom Trip (featuring Courtney Barriger)
  6. Vampire Sex
  7. Love Burns (featuring Myah Marie)
  8. Sugar Snakes (featuring Hatiras)
  9. Quit Ur Bitchin' (featuring Evan T) (featuring Breezy)
  10. Inside Information
  11. Satisfied
  12. Beast In Love (featuring Millionaires)
  13. We Do This Everyday (featuring Charli XCX)
  14. Haunted
  15. Can't Have What I Got (featuring Blood On The Dance Floor) (featuring Katikaine)
  16. Robot Sex (Instrumental)
  17. Heart Raper (featuring Jeffree Star)
  18. Stick It In Your A
  19. Veni Vidi Vici
  20. Forgive Me, Pretty Please
  21. Die Young
  22. Unconditionally

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