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Reich in Ruins

This song is by Godless North.

The manifestation of nobility, an ideal takes shape.
Summoned from the unconscious by the triumph of one will.
When visions intertwine manifold, evolution culminates.
And a new man is born from the blood of one ancient race.

Building an invincible fortress, stronghold of supremacy.
One Reich to encompass all four corners of the earth.
Rooted deep within earth, reaching far out to the stars,
Radiating with the illuminating light of a black sun.

Set out to stem the tide, wheel of time reversed at once.
Banishing the forces of a dark age, with fire and steel.
Yet destiny has to be fulfilled and can not be denied,
Because in a doomed world there is no hope of escape.

There is one mortal enemy who keeps gathering strength.
His mind is set hard on defeating the Reich for good.
No walls can be high enough to keep eternally at bay
The corruption and corrosion, degeneration and decay.

Launching an all-out assault as last line of defense.
Lay waste to the world even though it is in vain.
No fire is so hot as to scorch all that is rotting,
And tainting the purity of a sacred double helix.

Dreams of Grandeur, of highness and of Superiority
Are crushed and shattered by a heinous adversary.
Heroes are lost in oblivion, and ideals fading away.
Endless waves of mud surge across a Reich in Ruins...

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