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Letting Go

This song is by Godhead and appears on the album Nothingness (1996).

Creeping up again
Lost myself and it's too late
Killing time again
Waiting for my only fate
Trapped within the cage
That I've built
With my own hands

Can't release the rage
Shattered life and broken plans
If I knew myself
I wouldn't keep on doing this
But I trick myself
And believe with just one kiss

I can't believe the things
I do All for the
Sake of pleasing you

In the dark again
Afraid to move but
Can't sit still
Killed my heart again
To myself I give this pill
If I was myself I'd find
Strength to push away
But I hurt myself And
I weaken more each day

I can't believe the things
I do All for the sake of
Pleasing you As
I come to know you
My disgust grows a new
As you tighten your grip
My worn throat is slowly slit

I can't believe the things
I do All for the sake
Of pleasing you
I should just stop and let
You know But I'm afraid
Of letting go Letting go

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