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I Sell Society

This song is by Godhead and appears on the album 2000 Years Of Human Error (2001).

Don't go over there, that vultures gonna get you.
Come and bathe in my protective neon glow.
Plug into my machine, perfect and so clean.
Plastic lives are all that's left so get in line.

Tell me all your problems I've got just the thing to fix it,
Sell it to you for this bargain basement price.
I'll protect you from yourself and all the trouble that surrounds you,
Did you know that this world's not very nice?

I sell society,
You won't hear lies from me,
I'll tell you everything you want to hear.
I reap prosperity,
I'll suck you into me,
I'll sell you everything you want to buy.

Your world has spikes on his back and he wants to lay down on you
Don't like what I say, you best not go away
Take a look into my bag of wonders
I'll pull out something special just for you
Don't tell anyone
It'll be our secret
A weak and tainted soul I stole from you know who
You want to buy it back, I'll have to charge you for two...

I sell society
You won't hear lies from me
I'll tell you everything you want to hear
I reap prosperity
I'll suck you into me
I'll sell you everything you want to buy

[chorus then repeats a bit]