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This song is by Godhead and appears on the album Power Tool Stigmata (1998).

I can't see myself too clearly,
The clouds are rolling in
I can't hear the noise around me
But I know the sound of sin
Where will I be when the world falls down?
Head first in the mud bent over with
Devils all around

Kill this craving
I can't stop myself
Calling for me in my sleep
I hear the sirens flying in
Can't turn back I'm in too deep

I take another shot of gin
Keeping the world from consuming me
Can't hold back the demon growling
From deep within my sea

Kill this craving
I can't stop myself Madness, raving
Take me straight to Hell Calling
For me in my sleep-
Can't turn back
I'm in too deep

As she rides upon my chest
Pain or joy I love her best
Takes me far into her soul- crawling,
Churning, can't let go
As I ride upon her breast
Takes me down before I save my soul...

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