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Waiting for Lunacy to Find Me

This song is by Godgory and appears on the album Resurrection (1999).

I always knew
There would come a day when darkness would fall
Like a heavy blanket over me
It was always there
Lay beside me when I slept
Always lurking deep within my mind
Seeds of lunacy
Being nursed by feelings of guilt
With their bloom comes insanity
My fate is cruel
But there's a light in the pitching black
Now my journey's at an end it seems
...At an end at last

See the sign
It's the beginning of the end
Madness comes
Pull me inside
Blow me away

Here it comes
Rising up from the depths within
Swallow the fear that rapes my mind
Distant memories call
I hear the echoes of the life I lived
For a moment then they fade away
...Then they fade away

See the sign
It's the beginning of the end
I'll die tonight
Goodbye my friends see you in hell

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