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​Whimps & Bastards

This song is by Goddess Of Desire and appears on the album Symbol Of Triumph (1998).

I smell disgusting odours as I'm worshipping the goat
There are nearing some posers with fancy leather coats
How can they have the guts to walk on my domain
Stand back you horny sluts for soon your blood will rain
He draws with evil bloodthirst his sacrificial knives
Lord Satan bless his outburst he'll take their fuckin' lifes
But odds turned out against him and he got slain to shreds
Infernal flames embraced him and burned his evil head

I fell to hell where Satan decided to send me back
Some demons he'd been saving to join in hell's attack
We reached the earthly surface saw the posers were still there
They raped my nicest harlots shooting sperm into their hair



In some different bestial styles we slaughtered one by one
Impaled on metal piles that's where they all belong
But no entrance in hell was offered with our loot
Such scum's not worth my spell said Satan resolute

So now impaled they are before the gates of hell
Robbed of their lives to low for Satan's spell
Their untrue corpses craving for hunger and for pain
Beware thy whimps and posers for now your blood will rain