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​Ruina Regnorum

This song is by Goddess Of Desire and appears on the album Symbol Of Triumph (1998).

The hell-dawn breaks envenoming the skies
Proud obelisks of death are on their rise
The doom-light menaces its impact grows
Ahear the earth quaking on heaven's throes
Crusts of sacred soil ascend
To the womb of ire they pretend
Matured in darkness to eternal friends
They fall out to asphyx the mortal kind

Into myriades of pieces
Heaven's maligners are dispersed
Across the vast plains
Brothers naked graves

No sheppard shall reunite
What iniquity has torn apart
No judgement shall salve
Wounds made by human discord

Ruina regnorum
Ruina regnorum

Majestic pride crumbles
With kingdoms to dust
Mayhemmic storms blow
The scattered monarchs rests

Grave-silent turn the rigid laws
In a new death-reign founded
Now serves and tyrants descend
Under empyreal ire bound


Omni-present doom has
Finally spread its wings
Through the enshrouding haze
The old revelation sings

The gates of inferno grind
The judgement is done
Earth's faithfull sacrificed
Malignancy has won