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This song is by Goddess Of Desire and appears on the album Symbol Of Triumph (1998).

I ride my bike on a Saturday night
A chick is asking me for a ride
She wears leather boots up to her knees
And very sexy clothes I am pleased
So I ride with a babe on my back
I feel her hooters shaking in my neck yeah!
I'm riding my bike
Across the highway at night
To Satan my soul I sell
While I'm riding on down to hell

We drive around till the break of dawn
And down at her place we're having some fun
She says she knows something better
And introduces me to chains and leather
I'm tightened up and I can't do a thing
And then she shows me why her name is sin yeah!

The next day I take her to a gig
Everybody's looking at my chick
We drink some whiskey and some beer
And the band is really great to hear
Some guy says he wants to fight
So I kick him right between the eyes yeah!


We bang our heads against the stage
The heat of fire's burning in my face
The band is playing loud the speakers crack
And I'm banging hard it hurts my neck
So I start thrashing acting like a fool
Metal's there just to break the rules yeah!