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(The Perversity Of) Satan's Ugliest

This song is by Goddess Of Desire and appears on the album Let Us Win This War (1997).

We want to rape lord Satan's foes
We want this scum to writhe in throes
Cause evil darkness makes us kill
Till total death we'll slay at will
Bound with hell as bestial serves
We'll offer the holy what they deserve
So dress the dicks with needled sheaths
And summon all holes which are to bleed
The sodomy is our sacrament
Love priests but for their excrement
So we cut the scrotum of a priest
And fed it gently to hell's beast
We slit the throat of Jesus Christ
And cursed his pamper to the mice
On the stake the bastards burn
That sight has just freed my sperm

Hey you ugly! come to me!

Diarrhoeic blood out of his gut
Into my stomach to wake my vomit
Watch me throw up right in his mug
I crave respons puke back at once
Shit he is dead too much he bled
I'll find another asshole-fucker!

For the master we have knelt
With angel-scrotums on our belt
Watch them leak blood on our thighs
A gory smell of lust he sighs
Lord Satan take us as your sons
Be grateful for the dirt we've done
Increase our cruelty, salve our ass
Towards our loyalty speak your bless

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