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​This Evil World

This song is by Gob and appears on the album Foot in Mouth Disease (2003).

This evil world
Is punishing you from the things that you say
You carry your weight
But I, I don't know it's about you all the time
It's easy to fall
Well you're going up and they're pulling you down
They would get you down
But you're, you're constantly fighting, anyhow
You're sold so quickly
You drop to your knees to be part of the scene
You know what I mean and I'm, I'm trying to keep you grounded

(Chorus) Where are you? Where are you now?
You're slowly slipping away
Where are you? What have you done?
You're slowly slipping away
Where are you? Where are you now?

One day you'll be found
Crawling around with a knife in your back
Someone keeps track and you, you were only human
But now you're square
Your life's so empty
You throw a fit if you don't get you're way
You're going insane and I'm, I'm right here to watch it go down

Don't act so surprised
You pay for your sins and you tested your fate
Now it's too late, objection overruled
You're slowly slipping away... X4