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This song is by Gob and appears on the album The World According to Gob (2001).

you got the first mile made it trough but you're falling apart
forget the distance that you've moved since you were at the start
i bet you would do much better doing what you feel in you parts
because you give and take and give all that you've got
and it starts to break you

(chorus) down - until you have broken X2

i've got a bucket of water in case you catch on fire
i'm at the pit stop waiting for you if you blowout or tire
i've gotta tell you, you fight like a bull and that i truly admire
that you give, take and give all that you've got
and it starts to break you

no flag in sight yet but you've gotta keep moving
if your wheels forsake you it'll surely break you
in time you'll be sold and you might feel cold
but don't forget that it's the path you've chosen...

Chorus X2

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