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This song is by Gob and appears on the album Foot in Mouth Disease (2003).

I go out 'cause I live in an empty house
And it rains and it rains and it never stops
I'm a case in this place now I'm mixed up with you
I had a perfect thing until you called me up
Then it didn't even rain the sun came up
Now there's nothing I can do but fish around for you

(Chorus) I wanna hear you talk to me every night
If anything goes wrong we can make it right
I never get the chance just to let you know, let you know

The lemon that you aid doesn't have the pulse
Somthing I don't ever get if you never tell
No I'd never need a phone if you live next door to me
And if it feels good to me that's somthing else
You're a soft head you think I'm a motor mouth
But I never say a word that I don't hold dear to me

Hope that it won't fuck up now that you know X4

I wanna make you feel (every night)
I wanna make you feel (every night)
I wanna make you feel

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