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Fires of the Judas Blood

This song is by Goatwhore and appears on the album Funeral Dirge For The Rotting Sun (2003).

An angel of exile
Slave to the betrayed
Beware of those who collect feathers
Fury of a mob raised by the horns of indecency
Crawling as knives are lain on your back
In heaven the sounds of freedom are dorwned for choice
Hell born,
Rising phoenix from this great void greater laws of man
The unforeseen trail of the gods in theory of rage
Reaching out to these knives
Grabbing at all blades I've bitten the hand that feeds me I've embraced the hand that deceives me
Following of the second fault of man
Falling altar of
This betrayer in the choices of life
Treachery in the fall of supreme
These thrones of decay still stand unbroken
Relics of the condemned hand
Feeding the feeble
History of the forgotten stigmas that men fear
Transparent soul of the insecure one
Just like lying alone as water fills the lungs
No hands to reach for when all is deceit
Within the soul of burning defeat
These souls -
Forged in flame
These souls -
The pathway of untruth
These sou ls -
Forgotten in shame
These souls -
Create curse in eternity
One among many I am alone
Time-decayed words of promise
Harsh in beauty
Darkness pains me
A brotherhood of unbroken loyalty
As the sounds of these nails being struck disrupts the winds
Passion of enrapture in rage
Balance of the grave
Starving soul
With ashes and dust
These dead roses for the nameless
Take me
Into the mouth of decay

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