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Commanding the Legions of Hell

This song is by Goatwhore and appears on the album The Eclipse of Ages into Black (2000).

Speak forbidden words
Call the demon gods
Holy blood will flow
Upon the throne of Satan

I praise the dark name of thee
Come forht from the black abyss
Command thy armies of hell

To this holy worlds demise
To the never ending darkness
To the obsenities I yearn for
To the betrayel of you all

Man's mortal virtue a ruin for ages to speak
A curse lain down for countless years
Against all who speak such evil

A crown of thorns worn by warriors of the dark lord
The forefathers bastards of the so-called pure
The souls ripped forht to kill their ways... kill them all

Beating and torturing your god
As the nails are ripped through flesh
I reign upon the mountain that is the skull
Light has fallen, darkness engulfs

This name never to be spoken
I am the soul of the serpent
Join the ceremony
Rejoice in blasphemy

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