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Chanting Bells of Funeral Anguish

This song is by Goatwhore and appears on the album Funeral Dirge For The Rotting Sun (2003).

As this dark sun prepares its wrath in a form of black plagues
Manifest the steel flame from the manuscript of blame
Conjuring of
Golgotha to find the outcast grave
The curse of the nails that impaled this soul of disease
Exhaling these locust swarms within the exorcist entombed
Scars from the skies as hell crawls from this oblivion
This funeral dirge as trumpets sound the
The blind child with the divine eye
Carried along like dead young from the holocaust
Mother blinded by birth of love
Even as death rots its stench,
The heretic wears the crown
Sanitarium for the mental failure
The baring of three crosses
A birth of primates in acceptance of faith
Savior in a scientific thesis
Uplifting the weight
Trail of choices to end your fate
Concrete ideas of hatred break
Bury this burden of this choice to make
Soiled from filth of acceptance
Unlove of a pagan scapegrace
Finding fear in the great beyond
Left to scream in a cold alone
As I call the storms of hallowed winds
Upon the earth
Come to me
Mother night
What woes do you hold for me
Angels of doomed destiny return to fire
Indecency never to be held in grace of good
Decline to the lower world
Descend into the flame
Blind eyes of the burnt dead
The final sentence by the judge of the dead placed
Drowning in the river of passage to the mortal world
Requiem for the demise of
The whore lays with deception of touch
Followers embracing the whisper of a silenced dying breath
Ignite the hand of glory,
Five flames,
Poisoning the masses
A plague will follow curiosity of
Rendered a kiss of shame
Transvection beyond the light,
Nail driving plagues
Exorcism swarm,
Storm raising,
Splinters upon the cross... All lives lost