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Blood Guilt Eucharist

This song is by Goatwhore and appears on the album Funeral Dirge For The Rotting Sun (2003).

All the crucified bleed from ribs
False words of the church
Research of evolving change
Tortured by the hand of fire
Condemned to demise in lust
This forgotten trial of the witch holocaust
The harvest moon feeds swarm
Bringing crops to fertilize the new breed
The new plague, embrace swarm
Cataclysm of the new found population control
Sacrifice the mosquito egg
Feverish prophecy born from the waters of storm
Temples raised from the skulls of dead victims in battle for god
All altars praised as the lamb changes form for prayer
Burning fires led by trials of the unconformed
Exiled bodies of the plagues burned for the comfort of faith
Mythic beyond
Raging waters of revenge
Overbearing scroll
Mistakes of your
Your soul
Worship new found prophet
Sickness waiting for the weak
Lost pages of beliefs
Denying bodies of the deaed
Aggression your ruler
Perish as slave to this hostile world
Leper in colony of the born again
This virgins bleeding deception inverted garde 'n' of the first race
Suffocation in starvation
Sitting on the throne of the unforgiven
Knees sore from crawling
To make peace for insult of the grave
Mercy for the dying
May all be damned to follow this same fate
No life is worth supreme sacrifice
This funeral of the magnificent
Crushed with they sympathy for your dead
Exiled to hear the winds of grief... Alone
Restructured in a shallow place
Perception now bleeds with these same writings of disgrace
Sacrifice the kill to the
Die for us,
Leaving your soul to be crushed
Taking form in hallucination
Entering the broken seal of final creation
Brushing the palms upon fields of gold grain
This belief does not exist in the world that lives by no name

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