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As The Sun Turns To Ash

This song is by Goatwhore and appears on the album Funeral Dirge For The Rotting Sun (2003).

Blindly walking against the outcomes of life
The kiss of decay in steps of two
Empty bleak carrion
Stripped of sensation
Exposing the faith of beyond on your deathbed
We are but worms in the fruit of expiration
The most forbidden fruit of disease
Unkept from dying
Lost within a distand fear (Distant feat of dying)
This idol of absolute
Animals of the world feed war
Pathological outcast of
Taking revolution for name
Glassy look of the eyes
Too deep for a living soul to stomach
Images of the afterworld
Leverage within the creation of ruin
We travel through a doorway of nothing
Enter afterlife of inverted faith
Indulging in childhood fears
To enter a mystery of ungodly ascent (Ascend)
The never ending punishment of unfeeling to perish in a death of disregard
Oppressive association in a vague cleansing of the irate
Gold gates of the divine
Breathe more life into vanity
Material power,
Human idealism
A living myth of the trials of the abnormal
Winged ugli ness in a shattered prism
Soaring the scaled impiety to lay the trap
With fruit of failure
It leads our rebirth into the snake
The darkness bleeds throughout the sky in plagues
A deep breath of a martyr's dream
Scorn of emptiness to be embraced in solitude
Inhale this freedom... Justify our existence

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