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That's What Amazes Me

This song is by Go Fish.

vs. 1
A musical blanket
Woven together with a melody and rhyme
The songs we live our lives to
Take us to another place and time

And like the snowflakes that fall from heaven
Each one different crafted carefully
From only eighty-eight keys come endless possibilities
And that's what amazes me

vs. 2
Little fingers curled 'round mine
A perfect heart beats right in time
Brand new eyes look all around
As tiny ears hear every sound

And like the artist creates his masterpiece from nothing
So this child came to be
From the love of two came a whole new entity
And that's what amazes me

vs. 3
There is a place inside of me
I'm thankful no one else can see
Thoughts I've had, wrongs I've done
I wish I could take back every one

Like a father who loves his children
You've seen my faults, Lord, and You've forgiven me
The one I wished I was is the one that You see
And that's what amazes me

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