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I See You

This song is by Go Fish.

Now I see You, I see you everytime I open my eyes
I see You, I don't need to look too far
I see You, I see you in the way that You've changed my life
Ever since You turned around my heart, I see You

vs. 1
I thought I could find You here
I'm trying to be sincere
You show me again and again
That I need You more than
The stars need the sky, day needs the night
You open my eyes, You open my eyes

vs. 2
It's funny how You always show
When I give up and let it go
I know You know what I need
And I need You to help me see
The truth and the lies 'cuz I can be blind
But You open my eyes, You open my eyes

In the hope and the joy and the pain
In the sun and the snow and the wind and the rain
In the words that You wrote for me to read
In the way that you meet my every need

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