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Created For This

This song is by Go Fish.

Vs. 1
You knew I was to blame me,
I could not explain
The mess that I'll admit I made
But now, I'm seein' things your way

When You entered my world
Everything became so clear
Your praises come from within me
I want the world to hear

I was created for this reason Father
To let You know how I feel inside
So let me show You how my heart
Is saying thanks
I was created to give You praise

Vs. 2
What took me so long
To see the love I now know
I was lost, needing directions
Confused I didn't know where to go

As we live our simple lives
Let us never stray
From the reason we're alive
And that's to give you praise

When this life we know is through
One thing will still remain
We were made to give you praise

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