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You're Your Worst Enemy

This song is by Go Betty Go and appears on the album Worst Enemy (2004).

I laughed at you
you grinned so nervously
you're frightened of me.
you're scared to tell me
what you really think ...
what's really on your mind?
I didn't know, but now i've learned
i'm laughing now
it's so funny to me
'cause your conscience won't stop
bugging you
you're so easy to read
I can't help but think

you're your worst enemy
you're your worst enemy
you're your worst enemy
so why don't you let me be???

you think you can change
if you wanted to
but you're stuck you see
if you think you are fine
it's just a lie ...
selfish as can ... be.
in the end, you're like the rest
still lost at sea
and the storm you fear
is only you, so let it be ...
and let go of me

you're your worst enemy (c'mon)
you're your worst enemy (you are)
you're your worst enemy ...
(i can't help but think)

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