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This song is by Gnashing Of Teeth and appears on the album Gnashing Of Teeth (2000).

Go ahead and find the exit the way out of the pain but you don't need to reach out because you have got the answer to insane you spend so much time I know that you'll find the cure just use that mighty ego that'll work for sure I see the festering boils appearing the pus bursting forth oh you poor thing you're battling what's inside the disease within your mind don't be afraid you can tell me what you fear insanity face me you are plagued with a sinful heart and we are all going to die you are running from yourself and now it's time you got away it is new life it is rebirth resurrection of your spirit it is liberty within your heart was made to love vitality only comes with the flowing of His blood to be rid of the sickness and live step out of the prison you've locked yourself in

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