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Here Come the Pigs

This song is by Gluecifer and appears on the album Automatic Thrill (2004).

The sounds are ringing through the night
Like a symphony
You can hear it come Yeah here it comes
From all but one direction
Like bugs to the fire
You can hear them come
Yeah here they come

Here come the pigs, and they're coming in fast
Here come the pigs let the first be the last
Here come the pigs - Here come the pigs

Duck down 'cause they're coming in in force
Coming in on foot and on horse
Coming in through the broken doors

Get out 'cause tonight won't be a ball
It will be the end of us all
It will be a revolution when you hear their call

'Cause theyll come in a rush
The blood will gush
My god they are just too big
Here come the Pigs - Here come the pigs

And the day will be night and there will never be light
It's the end of the peace and the start of the fight Yeah
Here come the pigs - Here come the pigs
Here come the pigs - And here they come

At the bottom of a pile at the bottom
Gonna be a little while and they got'em

You can blow the horn you can kill that goat
Make a crown of thorns or put your world on that boat
But it ain't no use

We all know they are close very close
Got the smell of the pig coming up our nose
It is time to get on to the other side to cut loose run away to duck down and to hide
Here come the pigs

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